Wordsworth House Activity Blog November 2019

Hello, welcome to the activity blog for October and November 2019 from Wordsworth House.

As the late summer evenings drew to a distinct close, October slipped by in an autumnal blur, with our usual indoor activities to prepare us for those shorter days to which we have to adjust. The heating thermostat crept up and the curtains in the lounge have been closing that little bit earlier each day. Suzanne from the activity’s office is not one to miss an opportunity to dress up, and she really did look the spookiest of witches as she took around the treats trolley for Halloween.

 We had several birthdays to celebrate in October, which we do particularly well here at Wordsworth House. Our cakes are a dream and always well received. One of the birthday girls was Mrs Nan Hart, still full of wit at a marvellous 103..she was delighted to be sung to by all of us who gathered to celebrate with her and tucked heartily into a lovely tea with friends around her.

October then slipped into a wet and sometimes wild November as the weather outside reminded us how lucky we are to have a snug home to live in. Our days have been dotted with events that keep us all active, both mentally and physically. Chair football, skittles and balloon tennis has kept us moving, working on the eye coordination, spatial awareness and a general competitive spirit, whilst quizzes help us to reach for facts and prods our memories and knowledge.

We had a marvellous afternoon of music from The Dave Marshal Duo, which inspired a lot of dancing, arm waving and singing along as they serenaded us with some of our favourite songs, such as Sweet Caroline brought out a touch of Elvis in some of us.

Pat, one of our residents was particularly taken with our therapy dog visitor in November, as Jade made her way around the room and the bedrooms of those who chose not to be in the lounge, lapping up the attention.

Movie night was celebrated with home made chocolate brownies and as November drew to a close, the lovely Stanley celebrated his 93rd birthday in Wordsworth House style. Happy birthday Stanley, with love from all of us.

Flower arranging has become something some of us enjoy and small arrangements are to be found around the home, in the reception area and on the dining room tables.

Next month….Christmas!

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