The Wordsworth minibus story so far…

Since the demise of our old minibus at Wordsworth House, we have been actively fundraising to try to replace it with a new model.

The whole home will benefit from having a new bus; for the short trips to take residents to appointments locally, and those longer days out, enjoying the surroundings in our beautiful locality, popping to the seafront for ice-creams or heading out for small group activities.

Presently we rely on the local charity transport and the medical transport or taxis to get residents to appointments and activities and this requires a fair bit of forward planning as well as having to hope that there is adequate availability when it is required.

Active fundraising over the past year has involved many of the residents, relatives and staff and we are very grateful for all the support and encouragement given.

We held a large raffle at Christmas last year, with lots of prizes donated or supplied which raised a significant sum. There was a barbeque and country music open day in the summer and some very kind and thoughtful gestures of support from relatives in lieu of flowers on occasion.

Of those generous supporters, we would like to thank especially, the family of the late and much missed Doreen Gomm.

Doreen’s family have been instrumental in donating raffle prizes; purchasing tickets; winning them back and returning them to be re re-gifted into the raffle. Sadly, Doreen passed earlier this year but John and the rest of the family generously asked for donations to our minibus fund rather than floral tributes, and also secured a donation from the Lodge of Meridian 6582 which took us up to our fundraising total of over £3,000 to secure the deposit.

Erin and Kellie will be moving the purchase forward after Christmas and we are looking forward to getting residents out and about in our bus we are already fondly referring to as ‘DG’.  We look forward to bringing you news and pictures in the new year.

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