Our Staff

Wordsworth House Amazing Staff

Our team of well trained staff are dedicated to delivering the highest level of person-centered care, and advocate respect, dignity, privacy and choice in all aspects of the lives of our residents.

Erin Lock

Registered Manager

Erin is Wordsworth House’s registered manager, responsible for the overall management of  the staff and residents of the entire home.  This is a responsibility she takes seriously and with great pride, which is reflected in the dedication with which she approaches her role.

Erin has a solid background in the care setting. She was originally a member of the night staff here, and in the past five years has repeatedly shown that she has the vast array of skills and knowledge needed, to lead a large and diverse team. This has led to her promotion to team leader, senior team leader, care manager and ultimately Registered Manager. Erin has a robust knowledge of the home and is highly organised, both vital attributes in a residential home manager. Erin is also a keen advocate of on-going training and professional development for the staff and has invested in this  commitment. Erin expects to complete her own Level 5 qualification this year.

Colleagues have described Erin as “devoted to her job”, remarking that she has the qualities to ensure that residents needs are at the forefront of any agenda. Erin can step in to any of the roles when required and spends a significant part of her days in carrying out assessments, ensuring the correct level of provision is available and negotiating the best outcomes for individuals.

Erin welcomes visitors to view the home and is happy to answer enquiries.

Jean Lock

Deputy Manager

Jean has worked at Wordsworth for well over 35 years on and off, starting as a cleaner, working her way through the ranks and qualifications of care assistant, team leader and care manager to this senior management position.

In Jean’s role as Deputy Manager, she assumes overall responsibility for the day to day care of Wordsworth’s residents as well as line managing the Team Leaders. Jean is responsible for the admission of residents and in the creation and implementation of their individual care plans.

Jean liaises directly with a professional network of support, (including doctors, specialists and district nurses), to ensure a that Wordsworth provides a safe, effective and caring environment for all the residents.

Over the years that Jean has been working in a residential setting, there have been many changes in legislation and this, Jean feels, has gone a long way to improving the standards of care and has raised the level of knowledge and skills of care providers.

Kellie Cooke


Kellie is the home’s Operations Manager and has a long and embedded history with Wordsworth House through her ‘nominated individual’ status and family connections to the long – term ownership and running of the home.
Kellie is a registered nurse and has a great deal of experience in the care sector.
At Wordsworth House, Kellie’s main responsibilities include maintaining the smooth running of the business and overseeing several departments of the home including the kitchen, domestic and maintenance teams. This is a substantial task demanding a sound understanding of what is required to ensure the operational side of Wordsworth House is uninterrupted which is a very important, not least of all to ensure that residents and their families have confidence in the viability of their long- term care.

Belinda Irvine

Administrative Assistant

Joining the team at the end of 2018, Belinda now plays an integral part in the smooth running of the home.
Having worked in education for many years and more recently the NHS, Belinda has the skill set required to bring great knowledge, skills and experience to the role.

Predominately at the front desk to greet visitors and manage administrative duties.

Belinda is also working closely with Erin to further develop the homes training and staff induction process.

Raluca Dumitrescu

Senior Team Leader

Raluca joined Wordsworth House as a carer in March 2014 and has demonstrated her enthusiasm and dedication as part of the care team. Her consistent hard work and effective care practice led to her being promoted in June 2016 to the position of a ‘senior’ and in October of that year, she became a Team Leader, reflecting the managements appreciation of the skills that she brings to the home.

Raluca has continued to work and study to improve her own understanding and performance and has gained level two and three in Health and Social Care (Diploma) and is working towards a level two Diploma in Team Leading. Raluca was recently promoted again and has been the Senior Team Leader at Wordsworth since January 2019.

Tracie Priestley

Head of Activities

Tracie was initially employed at Wordsworth House as a carer but quickly showed that her skills were valuable to the activities department where she has been working for the past six years.

Tracie is now Head of Activities and has Level two qualifications in Dementia, Mental Health, Dignity and Safeguarding.

Tracie’s role is a vital one at Wordsworth as she gathers information from residents and people who know them best, to create a personal history and an activity wish list. 

Tracie is very keen to develop a supportive dementia friendly and therapeutic environment that emulates the Butterfly Homes, and she is presently planning to make good use of our memory room in that style.


Martin Northey

House Companion

Martin joined the team in the Summer of 2018, having previously been a resident of another care home following a short illness from which he has happily, fully recovered.

Although Martin first looked at the Carer’s role, again, his skill set was soon identified to be more useful in the setting as a ‘companion’ to Wordsworth House residents and this honour was formally bestowed upon him.

Martin says that the role requires him to show empathy and reassurance, something that comes naturally to him, as he has had a unique opportunity to experience the lifestyle from the perspective of a resident.

Martin accompanies residents on appointments where required and helps to relay any concerns or requests. Martin is available to support residents at meal times, reading mail with them and chatting.

Martin says his job role is to support residents and is rewarded by happy faces and engaged, laughing residents.

Georgi Lefterov

Head Chef

Georgi joined Wordsworth House kitchen from the 2 Michelin starred Haven Hotel in 2018.  Georgi initially studied to Level two in Bulgaria and utilises his skills and creativity in providing breakfast, lunches, teas, suppers and snacks for residents throughout the day.

Georgi says that traditional English fare is still very popular, and he takes this into account when planning the menus, with the additional consideration of specific dietary requirements of individual residents.

 Residents birthdays are celebrated with personalised cakes and there are lots of opportunities for seasonal celebrations that Wordsworth do very well.

Georgi says he enjoys working as part of a team here at Wordsworth house and looks forward to continuing to provide nourishing and tasty food for our residents.

Dimitar Dimitrov

Head of Maintenance

Dimi has overseen maintenance at Wordsworth House for nine years. Dimi moved to Swanage from Bulgaria and was joined by his brother Kiril who is the other half of the maintenance team, four years later.

Dimi and Kiril have amassed a wide range of skills and knowledge, and their daily tasks can include mending small items in residents’ rooms, to complete room refurbishments including plumbing, decorating and carpentry. There is never a day that their skills are not called upon to ensure the comfort of the residents.

Dimi who recently became a grandfather for the first time, says that he always feels appreciated and its good to be told that you are doing a good job.

Marie Davis

Head of Housekeeping

Marie has spent an impressive twenty-one years looking after the domestic side of the home.
Initially working with Laura Weeks, she took care of the laundry and cleaning on the nursing side, but
once Laura retired, she took on overall care of the domestic department, a role she fulfils to highly
professional standards.
Marie is part of a diverse workforce, who each take pride in maintaining the cleanliness of the home
and provide a robust laundry service for each of the residents. No small task in this environment.
Marie says that it is rewarding to see grateful smiling residents and their relatives, and to know that
you have done your bit to support them and make them comfortable.