Activity Blog September 2019

Hello, welcome to the activity blog for September 2019 from Wordsworth House.
We have all enjoyed a great summer and made the most of the warmth and sunshine, getting out and about or just appreciating the garden, the peace and the beautiful surroundings.
This month, residents have enjoyed a smashing trip out to The Village Inn, a local pub at the other end of town, for lunch and a visit to the well-known attraction Durlston Castle, which is right on our doorstep.
The views from Durlston Castle were amazing and gave our residents on the trip, the chance to get closer to nature through its wonderful well-managed countryside. Durlston Castle itself, was holding an exhibition in its gallery and we were able to appreciate the artwork on display.
We really are very lucky to have such a marvellous attraction so close to us, and there is always something new to see or do with the changing seasons.
During our visit to The Village Inn at Ulwell, we enjoyed a lovely lunch and a beer, and as ever, the memories of days out with old friends and family were recounted fondly.
It was good to see Gill from the pet therapy sessions, she brought along Jade for her first visit to the home and she made an impact on the residents. We are very happy to have these visits, as some of the residents fondly remember their own pets and appreciate the physical contact and connections. Gill works hard to make sure that her lovely dogs don’t overwhelm residents and we are seeing great results.

We have enjoyed our regular sessions with Simon, Phillipa and the Dave Marshall, all providing their own specialist entertainment and activities for our residents, and these are always well received.
A definite highlight of the month was a visit from relatives of one of our residents, who kindly offered to provide us with a blue grass music performance in the lounge. Professional entertainers; they held the residents spell bound with some favourite tunes including a Cliff Richard medley, which had many of us singing and clapping along. It really was a lovely gesture, and much appreciated by their audience. Thank you to our musical family, we look forward to seeing you again soon.
This month also saw the return of the highly contested Activities Team Scrabble competition. On this occasion, Suzanne and her team narrowly beat Tracie’s team…well done, Suzanne, but we are sure that Tracie and the Scrabblers will be back for revenge.
Church visits; baking of lemon drizzle cake and jam tarts; quizzes and treat trolleys continue to keep us busy and of course the rugby world cup is on the television for those interested.
We have also been enjoying listening to the local radio station, Purbeck FM, broadcasting from the pier and enjoy their wide range of music and chat throughout the day.

We are making plans for autumn and all the occasions we celebrate and will be seeing our autumn entertainment diaries fill up in the coming weeks. Take care from all of the Wordsworth House Team
Until next month…

*Note from the Editor,
October is rapidly approaching, and things will be a little quieter on the entertainment front here for a short time as Suzanne takes a brief, well- earned break and Tracie is off for a while, becoming bionic. We wish Tracie a speedy recovery and look forward to her next blog.


Martin Northey – House Companion

Most people are expected to have some sort of training and / or experience prior to starting any job, as the ‘Companion’ at Wordsworth House I am no exception to that rule. Three years ago I became very ill as a result of getting an infection in my brain following neuro surgery to resolve my having Hydrocephalus (too much cerebral fluid in a part of my brain that should have been self draining).

This infection gave me a lot of the symptoms that are normally associated with dementia. I could only walk with the help of a stick and even with my stick moving from my bed to my armchair was an adventure! For my own safety I went to live in a care home first of all in Portugal where I had been living and then in Dorset so that I could attend the neuro department at Southampton Hospital. Much of this period I cannot remember except that I was incontinent, had great difficulty in writing, had very little appetite and became very thin. I found something as simple as writing in a diary too complicated.

During two and a half years as a resident in a care home I had two operations on my brain and three days after the second operation I found that I could walk without my stick (carers were constantly saying to me “Martin where is your stick?” And I began to realise that I was much better. I complained that I wasn’t getting enough exercise and the care home arranged for me to go on regular walks with their Activities Lady, my incontinence ended as did my constipation. My capacity to make decisions returned and I began to realise that I must get on with my life and hopefully work again, I didn’t want to go back to my previous job as an Examiner for the Royal Yachting Association but thought I would like to be either a carer or an activities person in a care home, in order to show that I might be able to do this work I had been trying to help in my care home by taking people to the loo whenever the opportunity arose, I realized that my efforts had been noticed when the head carer said to me that he was going on holiday for a week would I like him to leave his uniform behind for me to wear!

This gave me the confidence to ask the managers if they would employ me as an Assistant Activities Person and whilst they showed some initial interest they were then told by the owners of the home that it was against the rules to have a member of staff who had previously been a resident.

My next step was to google Care Homes in Swanage, I telephoned one towards the top of Google’s list which was Wordsworth Care Home and a few days later went up for an interview. I was asked if I could dance and sing to which I replied “No but I don’t mind looking stupid!”

To my amazement I was offered the job of Assistant Activities person, that was 14 months ago and since then my job title has been changed to ‘Companion’. I am now 75 years old and have much in common with the residents at Wordsworth, I like the same music, remember the same films and enjoy the same food. So we have a lot in common to talk about. We have entertainment at Wordsworth that involves the residents and staff dancing and singing, it is therefore true to say that I look and sound quite stupid on a regular basis! On one occasion about a year ago I was dancing with one of the ladies who told me that she hadn’t walked for several years and dancing was just a distant memory.

It is an enormous privilege for me to spend 5 days a week with these wonderful people, I take them for walks, go with them on trips, accompany them when they are taken to hospital by ambulance for appointments, drink endless cups of tea with them, have lunch with them and thanks to the excellent food provided by our two chefs have noticed that some of my clothes seem to have shrunk during the last 14 months! It is the most rewarding job that I have ever had.

Best wishes, Martin.


Activities Blog – August 2019

Hello, welcome to the activity blog for August 2019.

August has, as ever been a full and busy time for us in the activities department, as we take full advantage of the good weather and lovely environment around us.

Residents of Wordsworth House have been able to enjoy another excellent trip to Harry Ramsdens in the town, where we not only enjoyed a very tasty fish and chips lunch but also reminisced about seaside holidays and the resident’s memories of the town as they used to know it.

We have enjoyed our morning breakfast club to get us off to a good start and followed this up with activities such as scarf dancing and chair yoga for those that have felt the urge to get moving and stretching.

Simon from Brighter Days Motivation has been keeping us all laughing and literally on our toes, bringing entertainment to our lounge.

The Dorset Memory Box Library activities continue to stir up thoughts of the past with the use of the assorted contents from a by-gone era. On this occasion a wedding outfit and associated garments from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. 

We have taken turns to attend the twice monthly visits for a short service followed by cake at St Mary’s Church. We are very grateful to the organisers for accommodating us and making us welcome.

Having asked what activities residents would like to do in August, we followed up on the choice of one of our residents, and spent a very pleasant day at the Margaret Green animal rescue centre at Church Knowle, getting to know some of the rescued animals and talking about their own  pets and animals that have been part of the lives of residents and their families over the years.

Some of the residents have been helping to bring new life to one of our old bird boxes with some woodwork which we will be putting back into the garden ready for the autumn.

Baking; skittles in the lounge; chatter, natter social mornings; quizzes and the ever-popular treat trolley have continued to punctuate our days and evenings and we have enjoyed keeping cool on the warmest days, with ice lollies and cold drinks.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about just some of what keeps us all busy here at Wordsworth House.

Take care, from all of the Wordsworth House Team

Until next month…


Activities Blog July 2019

Hello! Welcome to the Wordsworth House activity blog for July 2019. 

Wow, what a smashing month we have had, starting with our much loved and eagerly anticipated boat trip around Poole harbour with the amazing Dolphin Boat trips. Everything was in our favour, the sun shone, the picnic was perfect and most importantly of all, the residents were happy and could really enjoy the freedom of being out at sea in safe hands.

We are extremely grateful to the Friends of the Dolphin Boat Trips for making our sea excursion experience so marvellous.

July saw us hold our annual Open Day, where we invited all of our residents; their family and friends; members of the public and particularly the other Care Homes, to join us for our Rock and Roll themed BBQ. The band who came to play for us (Jurassic Rock) were fabulous and entertained us superbly, encouraging lots of dancing and singing and playing along. We had a bouncy castle for added fun and a giant Jenga game supplied by Castlemania. 

The Chef’s did us proud, providing a terrific BBQ with side dishes and of course the obligatory cakes for dessert. It was another of those days when we can really appreciate the team that work at Wordsworth House, and the pride in which we hold the home and residents.

Amongst all the extra activities, we do of course continue to hold our usual activities and pastimes with entertainers Dave Marshall and Simon, who perform and interact with the residents for an hour of fun and games. 

A new addition to the activity calendar, we have introduced the Sweet Trolley, which takes a trip around the home to visit all of the residents and offers extra special treats which can be either savoury or sweet. We have had some great feedback.

So, as far as August is concerned, we have another visit to Harry Ramsden and  a trip to Margaret Green animal rescue centre to look forward to, alongside local trips to the seaside and enjoying the garden.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the blog; sharing some of the many activities that the Wordsworth House residents get up to and we will be back with more next month.

Keep on enjoying the summer.

Until next time.

Take Care, 

From all everyone here at Wordsworth House.


Rock N Roll BBQ

On Saturday 20th July we held our 50s Rock N Roll BBQ and what a day it was!
The sun was shining for us, the food was amazing and the Jurassic Rock N Roll band were incredible!
Thank you so much to everybody who attended and supported the home by donating towards our Mini Bus Fund.
We raised a cracking £260.00 on the raffle and we are fast approaching our goal of £3,000.00.
Of course none of this would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our staff team who have once again proved what we as a home are capable of.
We made memories that our residents will treasure forever.

Thank you!