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Once again the month has come around so quickly and its our blog time to let you know what we have been up too here at Wordsworth House in activities.The month started of with our usual monthly visit from Simon from Brighter Days.Simon is a motivational entertainer who are residents love as he mixes and matches the time he is here with music,quizzes and games.We have also enjoyed the company of our lovely pet therapy dog Ruby and again she is a star the residents look forward to seeing her and she is such a pleasure bringing joy to the whole home along with a return visit from the Alpacas this month Thankyou for visiting us we loved you guys and look forward to seeing you again.

March packed in a lot of different entertainment for our residents Thank You once again to Dave Marshall and to the Swanage girl guides who hosted a bingo evening here at Wordsworth which was fantastic.We also hosted our own communi-tea Tea Party with special guests from Swanage Primary School who sang their hearts out to entertain our residents you were all superstars THANK YOU.So as you can see we have been super busy here not only with various entertainment but with our own in house activities including our monthly pamper and polish morning,floor games,free art painting sessions,coffee and quiz mornings,our twice monthly church visits,pancake day with homemade yummy pancakes and of course our dedicated dementia Tuesdays.

We have yet again another full calendar for April including a Harry Ramsdens fish and chip lunch,Phillipa with singing for the brain and life skills mornings which is a new activity bringing life skills from home into Wordsworth House where our residents are able to do various things they would have done in there own home including washing up and dusting.I hope you have enjoyed reading our blog and we look forward to catching up with you next month.

Thanks for reading

From all the staff and residents at Wordsworth House

Activities in February 2019


wow where has February gone !! Well we have been very busy here once again in activities at Wordsworth House.We started  the month off  with our monthly breakfast club which is a new activity we have introduced and it is going down very well.Every month we have a group of residents who will come and have  breakfast in the dining room and together they enjoy a great morning of socializing while enjoying a variety of breakfast choices ranging from continental to a good old fry up.February was also the start of the chinese new year so we enjoyed making our chinese fans in our arts and crafts sessions.

We also enjoyed a fabulous spa morning where our lovely residents had there nails manicured and there hair curled as well as hand massages and all while enjoying chocolate,cake and nibbles another successful activity. We do keep some activities on every month as they all help with both the physical and mental wellbeing of our residents these include floor games,armchair exercises and brain training social mornings.The brain training social mornings are really starting to pay off and with a mixture of crosswords and quizzes our residents and the activity coordinators are really exercising there mental health it wont be long before where on university challenge.We also enjoyed our church visits to St Mary’s in Swanage and we had another great visit from Ruby our pet therapy dog and Phillipa who does singing for the brain as well as Dave Arnold who had our residents up and dancing.Thank You to everyone who joined us this month to entertain us.

March is now upon us and with spring in the air our residents also have a spring in there step and we have another full calendar of activities to look forward too including The Alpacas,The swanage girls guides bingo night and spring time arts and crafts.

So until next month we hope you have enjoyed reading our blog and we will see you soon

Take care from everyone here at Wordsworth House.


January’s Activities 2019


Welcome back to our Residents activity blog and where has January gone.Here at Wordsworth House our fabulous residents have been kept very busy as ever with another packed calendar of activities in January.We started of the New year with another visit from our pet therapy dog Ruby our residents and staff have all fallen in love with  Ruby who is a great addition to our activities calendar and brings lots of smiles and cuddles to the home when she visits.We also enjoyed another visit from our motivational therapist Simon from Brighter Days who again worked his magic and got all our residents involved in quizzes,games and music.

The dedicated dementia days which are every Tuesday at Wordsworth House saw our residents engaging in social morning train your brain quizzes along side scrabble and call to mind we also indulged in some make it bake it eat it which is a great group activity as it brings back memories of there younger years looking after there families and what there meal times were like.We also ventured down to St Mary’s Church in swanage for our twice monthly community visit which is great as our residents get to interact with other members of the community as well as enjoying a hymn service followed by tea and cake.Thankyou St Marys Swanage for inviting us.January also brought all our usual activities which our residents like to engage in such as arts and crafts,brain and body workout,pamper & polish,match ups & conversation cards and floor games.We would like to say thank you to our local visiting vicar John and to Brigette who both give up there free time to bring the home its monthly service.We have also  had another visitor to the home Phillipa who comes and engages our residents in singing for the brain we look forward to her next visit.

So its goodbye to January and hello to February and all the activities that we are looking forward too including Dave Arnold,Life skills and spa day .We hope you like reading just some of what we get up to here at Wordsworth House and until next time take care.

From all the team here at Wordsworth House.

Decembers Activities


well we hope you all had a fantastic christmas i know we all did here at Wordsworth House.The calendar for December was jammed packed and our residents had lots of entertainment through out the month.We would like to say a massive thankyou too The swanage school for our christmas party invite which was fantastic and its great to be involved in the community.We would also like to thank The Swanage British Legion for there invite to there christmas party again the residents who went had a blast.We had visits from Swanage primary school who came and performed the best christmas carol concert.We were also entertained by The May day singers,Dave Marshell.The Emmanual Church Choir and The Swanage Town Band Thankyou you were all were truly fabulous.This years residents christmas party was on christmas eve and we were all entertained by Simon from Brighter Days Movtivational therapy Thankyou Simon for an afternoon of fun.quizzing,dancing and singing.

December also saw our monthly church visits which as ever were fantastic and even more so this time of year Thankyou to all at St Marys Chrurch Swanage for the welcome the lovely services and the tea and cake and activities through out the year.We would also like to thank The Swanage disabled club for providing the transport for our residents christmas lights trip.

So as we see the year 2018 out our residents here at Wordsworth House have had so much fun and made so many memories all shared by there families and the wonderful team that help make it all happen.I hope 2019 will bring us even more amazing memories,trips out and activities that we can all enjoy.The last thankyou has to be from me Tracie head of activities here at Wordsworth House to all the staff who over the year have made it possible to do so many of the trips out  many of who give up your free time and days off. It would not have been possible to take so many residents out without you THANKYOU so very much.

Heres to a fabulous 2019

Happy New Year from all the team at Wordsworth House.

Activities in November

Hello everyone

I hope you are all well and looking forward to christmas as the year has gone by so quickly and it will be soon upon us.November saw for the first time here at Wordsworth House a visit from the Alpacas.We were introduced to 2  very beautiful Alpacas Midnight Blue and Jimmy who were fanatastic along with there owner Wendy.It was great to see the interaction from our residents some of whom loved them and some who were a little wary.We were able to take the Alpacas into the lifts so that our residents who were in there rooms were also able to enjoy a visit which was lovely and really appreciated.The Alpacas will be making a return visit in March 2019.

November was also children in need which gave us a chance to don our pudsey bear outfits  and do our selfie day with the residents which always gets a great reaction from our residents when they see a big yellow bear in the house.Well done Martin our Wordsworth House companion for been a good sport as pudsey bear.We must say a masive thankyou to Marjorie from the Emmanual Church in Swanage for our invite to there poppy tea party which celebrated the veterans 100 years Armistice Day.Marjorie on behalve of everyone here at Wordsworth Thankyou we had a wonderful afternoon with great entertainment and fabulous cakes.November was also a busy month in general for Activities with our new activitiy co-ordinator Suzanne on board which ment our residents were kept mentally stimulated with arts and crafts as well as making a vegan cake as it was vegan month and there were plenty of quizzes for brain training mornings  as well as skittles and bowling club which is great both physically and socially.

So with the run up to christmas there are plenty of activities in the pipe line here for all residents to enjoy we have a jam packed calender for December with lots of entertainment coming into the house aswell as trips out into the community.All that is left to say on behalf of everyone here at Wordsworth House


See you all in 2019 take care

From all the staff here at Wordsworth House



its blog time again and wow where has October gone.We have again had a very busy time in activities through out October with a great arts & crafts session decorating pumpkins ready for our halloween party as well completeing our poppy mural ready for display in the emmanual church.The emmanual church have kindly invited us to there poppy exhibition Tea and singalong in November which we are really looking forward too Thankyou.We also had our usual vicars service which happened to be on our halloween party day.The halloween lunch was a great day which was enjoyed by both our residents and the staff and as always we dressed up just to make the day more special.

Thankyou once again to Dave Marshell and Anne who came in to provide an afternoons entertainment of singing and dancing which saw quite a few of our residents up on there feet it was quite a mini disco fabulous afternoon and as always music is good for the soul which is always popular here at Wordsworth House.The dedicated dementia day which is always on a Tuesday is still going well and we are planning to add to the day with person centered music playlists which i am really looking forward to introducing into Wordsworth House.We also enjoyed all our usual activities which cover both reminicense and physical activities such as giant floor games and quizes which are great to Train The Brain.

November is a busy month for everyone here at Wordsworth House which we are looking forward to and with the run up to christmas we have started planning our Decembers calender which is currently jam packed full of outings,people coming in to entertain as well as schools and two invitations to community party events.I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our new  Activities Co-ordinator Suzanne who will be taking thre lead roll in organizing and facilitating the Activities here at Wordsworth House Suzanne good look and congratulations on your new roll you will be a superstar.

I hope you have enjoyed reading our blog and what we have been up too here at Wordsworth House so untill next month stay safe and take care.

From all The team here at Wordsworth.

Our Activity Blog For September


So September saw our residents out in the community with our twice monthly trips to St Marys Parish church which as ever brings Wordsworth House into the community as well as the church in to Wordsworth House when we have our monthly hymn service again thankyou to John and Bridgette who give up there free time to come and visit.We also had a fabulous afternoon on the sea front in the beach hut which was loaned to us from the Swanage Dementia Friendly community.This afternoon although a bit windy saw the sun come out but most importantly saw our residents enjoying fresh air and watching everyday life.They were able to take in the sights and smells of the sea as well as every day town life from children on the beach to  people going around  and about  their daily buisness.We also most  importantly enjoyed a  fish and chip lunch wrapped in its traditional paper which in itself brings lots of memories. We also enjoyed another visit from Simon from brighter days who as always is able to motivate and get our residents having lots of fun in the afternoons.

September also saw us have an end of summer fund raiser which included a raffle and entertainment provided by Karl Latimer.The fund raiser is ongoing as we are raising money for our residents mini bus and we are doing so well.A massive thankyou to all who have donated we are well over half way.Our residents also enjoyed all there usual activities which we do try and put on each month at there request as they do like routine as well as other new activities they have choosen to do.Dedicated Dementia Day which is on a Tuesday is still going strong and i was fortunate to attend a music and wellbeing course which is all about the benefits of music in dementia care.This was a fantastic training session and i am very much looking forward to bringing into the home.This will be a chance for all the staff to get involved in seeing how music has an impact in dementia care and how it not only brings joy with residents having their own personal play lists  but it can also help in aggitation and personal care as well as movement and excercise.

I hope you have enjoyed this months blog and i look forward to letting you know what we have all been up to in October.

So untill then keep smiling

Tracie and all the team at Wordsworth House.

Activities Blog August 2018


wow what a fab summer we have had so far it always makes all the difference to peoples mood and emotions when the sun is shining.August saw our second visit from Simon at Brighter Days here and again he was able to engage our residents with his unique style.Music also has a great effect on peoples moods and once again we were entertained by the wonderful Dave Marshell.Dave does a variety of genres and we all enjoyed a singalong and even a boogie.

We also had our twice monthly church outings again there is something about this trip that completly transforms our residents when we go there.Please if you live in the Swanage area and you have a loved one with Dementia take them as just the change of enviroment makes all the difference to there day and Brigette makes the most delicious cakes.We also enjoyed a trip to Durlston castle where we spent the afternoon admiring the wonderful views as well as a look around the museum and watching there in house information cinema and not forgetting of course tea and cake.

On our calender when we plan it we do like to keep certain activities on every month this helps the residents form a routine as they know that on certain days either weekly or monthly they can look forward to prehaps pamper & polish which is usually on a Friday and they have there nails done.We also keep arts and crafts on as well as cookery and music and movement.These activities help to promote wellbeing in both physical activities and mental stimulation.

So as we roll into September we look forward to more trips including a pub lunch and the beach hut fish & trip day out.I hope you enjoy reading about what we get up to here at Wordsworth House as always it is a pleasure to be able to work along side our residents and listen to their fasinating stories of there lifes.

See you soon take care

From Tracie and all at Wordsworth House.



Its that time again to update you all on what we have all been up to here at Wordsworth House.July has given us some glorious weather which has ment we were able to go ahead with our picnic on the downs.This was a fabulous afternoon as it is only a short walk away from Wordsworth House so we were able to go over and set ourselfs up for the afternoon.We all enjoyed a fabulous picnic lunch prepared by our kitchen ( Thanks Guys ) and the most amazing views from the downs.It was a clear day so we could see Bournemouth as well as the Isle of Wight.

July saw for the first time a great outside entertainer we brought in by the name of Simon.Simon runs a company called Brighter Days and i would highly recommend him.Simon has the ability to engage everyone he also has a special knack of getting residents who wouldnt normally engage to engage especially in singing.Simon dosnt use song sheets or sing to the residents but all songs are used from memory and this inturn gets the residents memories flowing and they sing along with him.

Dedicated dementia days are still going strong especially the trips to our local St Marys church on a Tuesday afternoon once again a great addition to our community so if you are a carer of someone with Dementia or have a family member with Dementia i would reccomend as i have seen the amazing difference in the residents that i take there. Keep up the good work.I would also like to thank our local rector John and Bridgette for there monthly visits to Wordsworth for our Hymn Service.

July has been a good month as always with sucessful trips out various activities lots of laughter and fun and social interaction.I would like to thank everyone who gives up there free time to come to Wordsworth House to do various activities as this helps keep Wordswopth within the community.

So i look forward to blogging again with activities at Wordsworth House and until next month enjoy the rest of the summer and stay safe in the heat.

Kind Regards

Tracie and all the staff at Wordsworth House.

Activities in June our Blog !!!

Hi and another very warm welcome from us all here at Wordsworth House.

June has not only given us great weather but our residents have enjoyed there much awaited activity the Poole Harbour Boat Trip.We were again blessed with great weather on the day and together enjoyed a 2 hour trip around Poole Harbour whilst eating our home made picnic lunch and enjoying tea and biscuits along with a good old sing along with the crew also joining in with us.The friends of dolphin crew not only made us feel welcomed but also did a great safety brief before we set sail so we knew we were in safe hands.

June also saw the start of the world cup much to the delight of our gentlemen and they all enjoyed the opening match along with a few beers and nibbles to help cheer them along.The icecream social went down well as ever especially in this heat and we all enjoyed cones and lollies with plenty more to come.Once again we were able to make a couple of visits to the All Things Bright And Beautiful service held weekly at our local church St Marys in Swanage.This trip is not only popular amongst the residents but it is valuable to being part of the community and the fact that it is dementia friendly makes all the difference.I have seen a great change in the residents who we take to the church and not only does it make them feel part of the community but they are happy and feel valued.

We would once again like to say thankyou to our local vicar John who along with Brigette give up there free time to come and do a hymn service once a month here at Wordsworth and i know it is well received and it is also important that the religious views of our residents is taken into account.We also enjoyed entertainment from Dave Marshall which showed the movers and groovers in the house.We did hold a cake sale with all proceeds going towards the Wordsworth House residents mini bus fund and the total is steadily rising which is fabulous thankyou to everyone who has so far donated.

So has summer finally kicks in we are all looking forward to getting out more in the garden for activities and this year Wordsworth House will be part of the Swanage carnival parade so please look out for us and donate into our bucket every little helps and it all goes towards our mini bus.

Have a lovely summer and i will look forward to our next blog in August

Take care

Tracie and all the staff here at Wordsworth House