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Hello everyone

I hope you are all well and looking forward to christmas as the year has gone by so quickly and it will be soon upon us.November saw for the first time here at Wordsworth House a visit from the Alpacas.We were introduced to 2  very beautiful Alpacas Midnight Blue and Jimmy who were fanatastic along with there owner Wendy.It was great to see the interaction from our residents some of whom loved them and some who were a little wary.We were able to take the Alpacas into the lifts so that our residents who were in there rooms were also able to enjoy a visit which was lovely and really appreciated.The Alpacas will be making a return visit in March 2019.

November was also children in need which gave us a chance to don our pudsey bear outfits  and do our selfie day with the residents which always gets a great reaction from our residents when they see a big yellow bear in the house.Well done Martin our Wordsworth House companion for been a good sport as pudsey bear.We must say a masive thankyou to Marjorie from the Emmanual Church in Swanage for our invite to there poppy tea party which celebrated the veterans 100 years Armistice Day.Marjorie on behalve of everyone here at Wordsworth Thankyou we had a wonderful afternoon with great entertainment and fabulous cakes.November was also a busy month in general for Activities with our new activitiy co-ordinator Suzanne on board which ment our residents were kept mentally stimulated with arts and crafts as well as making a vegan cake as it was vegan month and there were plenty of quizzes for brain training mornings  as well as skittles and bowling club which is great both physically and socially.

So with the run up to christmas there are plenty of activities in the pipe line here for all residents to enjoy we have a jam packed calender for December with lots of entertainment coming into the house aswell as trips out into the community.All that is left to say on behalf of everyone here at Wordsworth House


See you all in 2019 take care

From all the staff here at Wordsworth House