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Its that time again to update you all on what we have all been up to here at Wordsworth House.July has given us some glorious weather which has ment we were able to go ahead with our picnic on the downs.This was a fabulous afternoon as it is only a short walk away from Wordsworth House so we were able to go over and set ourselfs up for the afternoon.We all enjoyed a fabulous picnic lunch prepared by our kitchen ( Thanks Guys ) and the most amazing views from the downs.It was a clear day so we could see Bournemouth as well as the Isle of Wight.

July saw for the first time a great outside entertainer we brought in by the name of Simon.Simon runs a company called Brighter Days and i would highly recommend him.Simon has the ability to engage everyone he also has a special knack of getting residents who wouldnt normally engage to engage especially in singing.Simon dosnt use song sheets or sing to the residents but all songs are used from memory and this inturn gets the residents memories flowing and they sing along with him.

Dedicated dementia days are still going strong especially the trips to our local St Marys church on a Tuesday afternoon once again a great addition to our community so if you are a carer of someone with Dementia or have a family member with Dementia i would reccomend as i have seen the amazing difference in the residents that i take there. Keep up the good work.I would also like to thank our local rector John and Bridgette for there monthly visits to Wordsworth for our Hymn Service.

July has been a good month as always with sucessful trips out various activities lots of laughter and fun and social interaction.I would like to thank everyone who gives up there free time to come to Wordsworth House to do various activities as this helps keep Wordswopth within the community.

So i look forward to blogging again with activities at Wordsworth House and until next month enjoy the rest of the summer and stay safe in the heat.

Kind Regards

Tracie and all the staff at Wordsworth House.