Activities Blog – May 2019

Hello! Welcome to the Wordsworth House activity blog for May 2019. 

It has been another very active month here at Wordsworth House, as we welcomed both Simon from Brighter Days entertainment, and Dave Marshall with his lively music, both of these events are popular and always well attended.

We have also had a first time visit from Lucie, to trial a Zumba session with an enthusiastic group of residents. The afternoon was a high energy, upbeat affair with staff as well as residents taking part, followed by a well- deserved cuppa or glass of squash and of course a piece of cake. Safe to say, it wasn’t just the residents that slept well that night.

Activities at Wordsworth House are of course, person centred. We aim to ensure that each of the residents has a choice about the types of activity that we book to come into the home, can offer in-house or can resource outside in the community.

One of our residents has spent a great deal of his life playing and teaching music, particularly banjo and the bluegrass band members with whom he has played previously, came in to do a gig for all of the resident one afternoon. This was a completely different genre to any previous band we have enjoyed here, and they went down a storm. We are extremely grateful to all of the band members who freely gave up their time and put in a tremendous effort, and to Carol for arranging it all. People can be so thoughtful.

Our activities calendar is always dotted with brain training quizzes and crosswords, these activities are not only good for encouraging socialisation, but as they are geared towards seniors, discussions and reminiscences develop naturally and individuals can share experiences with the group.

‘Make it, bake it, eat it’ was very popular this month and the food of choice on this occasion was Pizza and bread rolls which were delicious. It was interesting to see the variety of choices being made of preferred toppings. Move over Paul Hollywood!

Residents have also enjoyed a lady’s tea party in the garden, trips to ASDA and church visits.

The shopping trips are always popular, and it usually follows that treats are sought out in the café, where chatter inevitably turns to reminiscing about trips made to local grocers, shopping for their young families and the routines that were once the way of life for our senior residents.

We have now added Phillipa with her session of  ‘Singing for the brain’ into our Dedicated Dementia days on a Tuesday morning. This provides opportunities to have fun whilst keeping the brain active and promoting good use of the senses. 

Activities for June are looking really busy, with the local beach hut trip and breakfast club being just a couple of the events on the calendar.

We hope that you have a smashing summer and will keep you up to date with events and news from Wordsworth House.

Take Care, 

From all of the staff and residents.

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